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mercredi, 09 mai 2018

Les coulisses de mon clip TRAPPED IN THE DARK.








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lundi, 30 avril 2018


Mon nouveau clip TRAPPED IN THE DARK (extrait de mon nouvel album LOST IN THE DAYS) est sorti ce week-end !

Je vous laisse le découvrir ci-dessous.

DIRECTOR : Julien Javaux (Skyërn Aklea)
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR : Jules Amiel, Julia Cruz (NobodyProd)  
EDITOR : Julien Javaux
MAIN ROLE : Skyërn Aklea, Joul, Naïma Pöhler
LIGHTING CREW : Laurine Aubin, Thomas François, Jules Amiel
SET DESIGNER ASSISTANT : Julia Cruz, Marvin Dauvillaire, Laurine Aubin
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS : Planet Live studios

I feel trapped in the dark
And I don't need my make up
You can't even see me
And I can't see me either

I feel trapped in the dark
I'll never need to wake up
I don't need to see more
I'm standing on the shore (of my life)

All my life
Is a lie
I feel alone
And I don't need you anymore now !
I raise my glass
To you..
And I don't need you anymore now !

What can I do to escape ?
To erase my fate ?!
I have to ask for something :
Is there another world ?

I guess my life is a lie
You've always lied to me
How do I know if it's true ?
I'm standing on the shore (of my life)