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samedi, 16 septembre 2017

Nouvel album + paroles !

Wow, y avait encore longtemps que j'avais encore zappé de mettre à jour ce blog.. :-)

Je profite de la sortie de mon nouvel album LOST IN THE DAYS pour rajouter un nouvel article ici !
Comme ça, y a de la nouveauté partout.

L'album est disponible partout sur Internet :
► Spotify :
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► iTunes :
► Google Play :
► Amazon :

Ses thèmes principaux tournent autour de la dépression, la paranoïa, les soirées et les femmes.

Et parce que je suis gentil je vous mets les paroles ci-dessous !

I feel trapped in the dark
And I don't need my make up
You can't even see me
And I can't see me either
I feel trapped in the dark
I'll never need to wake up
I don't need to see more
I'm standing on the shore (of my life)

All my life
Is a lie
I feel alone
And I don't need you anymore now !
I raise my glass
To you..
And I don't need you anymore now !

What can I do to escape ?
To erase my fate ?!
I have to ask for something :
Is there another world ?

I guess my life is a lie
You've always lied to me
How do I know if it's true ?
I'm standing on the shore (of my life)

Last night was hard for me 'cause my friend ran away
And I ended up finding her she was missing for days..

She's now going to juvenile for running from home for 30 days
She's going in a foster home

She called me before her family beat her and she told me what happened
They stole her phone, sold her clothes, God they threw her out.

She called me from her friend's phone when her friend found her
She smiled and she looked rough, she told me she was alright..

So she smiled and she looked rough,
told me she was OK and happy to talk with me
Her parents told me :
« Hey, listen, if it wasn't for you we would have never found her
She would still be out there in danger if not dead.. » 

04 - SHE'S C.T.A.P.
I had a good ol' friend in a good ol' farm  
His daughter was a naughty slut
She's never been tired of doing her things..  
She's coming to another party  
Oh my God she's kinda crazy
She's gonna throw him out just to be free  
And I'll be there at the count of 3 !
She's a fucking' Rock'n'Roll girl
If you want a drink.. just shake that ass !
Come on baby, it's time to get schwifty !
You gotta move it on and do your thing..
You can find me out of the club  
Waiting for you to get dirty
Let's take a ride on your fat ass

I love the culture, I love the South,
I love Country Music more than anything
I love the fields, I love the girls,
And I love drinking beers more than anything

I'm a French Guy, Country Boy, loving Hip-Hop,
Country songs and Rock'n'Roll
Greatest Hits, underground and good ol'songs
I feel like a Rock Star, I ain't got no money but I got the mood
Don't tread on me, I obey to this statement
And I love playing guitar more than anything
You know I'm a redneck of the city, here's my lifestyle :
I got nothing to lose ('cause)

I like onion rings, chicken wings, eating nachos,
writing songs more than anything
Playing guitar in empty places,
this is everything I do in my motherfucking life,
I ain't got time for that bullshit,
stay away of my business, I'm on my own and I do it well.
Listening to Colt Ford in my Ford Fiesta makes me feel alive.

My daddy didn't taught me how to live
And my granda' never cared about me.
Get down in the neighbourhood
And sing some Country songs !

Let's take a drive to the big cities
We got tattoos and scars
I got boots but I don't wear blue jeans
And if I offend you I don't give a fuck

And all I want is to rebuild my life
(Sure thing, you can do it)

And all you do is wrong
All you see is false
All I know is real
And all you say are lies

What Hank taught me is a country boy can survive
With Johnny Cash I've learned to play guitar
Get down in the neighbourhood
With Aaron Lewis on the radio.

Let's get a gun and shoot some motherfuckers
That's what GG Allin taught me
If you're looking for a P.S.E.
You better get outta here.

I'm looking for a P.S.E.
I wanna ride those girls I see
You know I'm a rodeo man
I wanna hear her say Goddamn
I'm looking for a P.S.E.
I wanna ride those girls I see
You know I'm a rodeo man
I wanna hear you sing Whoooooo
And now that you're gone who's gonna tell me what to do ?
How to deal with it when you got no purpose at all ?
And how to define a life you never wanted to,
when all you have to do is waiting for the end ?
And from the inception to the end, you passed away on that way,
you've been pushed away by the
Tic-Tac, it means your life clock is ticking..

Please come back to life, come back to me, and never flit away.
Just never go away, I want you to stay, it's up to you, it's up to me,
(right now) it is time to be.
Please, wake up and get up, it is time to walk right in front of me and
for the first time don't look out of the window.
It is not your time, it's the only thing I know.

Way down deep we don't drink only beers and cold Whisky
I don't smoke, I don't spit, I can see when my eyes are closed

We're down with my tank full of gas, breathing fire in joggling class
We all smell, we all scent, we got bottles, they got the smile
It's party time in the street or in the woods we're in the mood
We don't sleep on the ground, let's have a party time !

We don't do it for money cash, it's all for fun with our friends
Some guys are making music there, taking pictures or something else
It's not a thing you could try, it's not a thing for a kid like you
Get in your car, put a CD on the radio and damn crank it up

Let's talk about another thing, we're about to drink really hard
Pour your glass in your throat, get drunk, no turning back, no !
You know what's fun ? YOU are fun when you're down, don't you know ?
We don't sleep on the ground, let's have a party time !

She's got a blue jeans and a thin jacket
A beautiful smile hitting so hard
She smiles like an angel with her wonderful sight
But she's my baby, she's my lady
Brunette with big brown eyes, she's all I ever needed
And all I ever wanted was a girl like her
Yeah, you know I need a girl like her
Oh, you're that girl I love and I'll be there for you !

From her head to her boots, she's like too perfect for me
Her lips on my neck feel like the wind on the sea
Sweet angel, for you I'll be down on my knees
In my mind remains good memories.

I feel ready to do anything for her,
Everything that'll make that little head happy
She's everything I see when my eyes are closed
And when I open them she's still with me.

My sweet daughter
I'll never forget you
And I'd be proud of you..

12 - DRIVE FOR 5
Yeah, here we go for another game  
Super Bowl with the Patriots !  
Sit down on your couch  
And turn on your TV !
Go Brady, go !  
Go Gostko, go !
Go Gronko, go !
Go James White, go !  
Go Blount, go !
Go Edelman !
Go Amendola !
Go Patriots !
You drove for 5  
You got that ring  
34 to 28 on an overtime..  
I've never lost faith  
When I thought the game was done  
What a turnaround you've managed !
You've won against the Falcons !

Sometimes it seems like I've been blacklisted..  
That makes me feel so alone.
At this time I've been through my memories..  
Is there an exit door at home ?  
If I call anyone if I call for your help  
No one answers me  
If I call anyone I am like a ghost  
(If I call anyone if I call for your help  
No one never answers  
If I call anyone I'm drowning, I'm sinking in the darkness..)  
You know I've been through the ashes of your dust  
And what I've seen wasn't good enough to enter  
The Gates of Heaven are now waiting for me  
Up there I'll be at home

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